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SIKE (Secure Internal Knowledge Enclave)
An AI Platform built for Business

Harnessing the Power of RAG to Ensure Precision and Reliability in AI Responses

At the heart of SIKE's cutting-edge technology lies the innovative use of the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) model. This model represents a significant leap in the domain of AI-driven interactions, offering unparalleled accuracy and relevance in AI responses.


Intelligent Query Processing for Tailored Results

SIKE's RAG model begins with an intelligent query engine. This engine meticulously searches through extensive datasets and databases to identify information directly related to your specific query. This meticulous process ensures that the responses generated by SIKE are not only accurate but also highly relevant to your enterprise's unique needs.


Enhanced Input for Comprehensive AI Engagement

The RAG model then seamlessly integrates these findings, enriching the input to our language model. By doing so, SIKE provides an augmented base for the AI to operate from, ensuring that the responses are not only generated from a broad knowledge base but are also contextually enriched and fine-tuned to your specific query.


Generation of Refined and Informed Responses

With this augmented input, SIKE's language model is primed to generate responses that are not just coherent but also deeply informed and contextually relevant. The additional layer of retrieved information empowers the AI to deliver responses that are a notch above in terms of detail, accuracy, and applicability to your business scenario.

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Smart Search Capability

SIKE elevates search functionality on your knowledge base, employing advanced algorithms for precise information retrieval. It’s not merely about keywords; it’s about contextual understanding, ensuring every query garners the most relevant information from your knowledge base, enriching decision-making with insightful data.

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Ad-Hoc Document Upload

SIKE accommodates the dynamism of business operations with a feature allowing ad-hoc document uploads for immediate research and analysis. Whether it's a new dataset or financial documents, upload them onto SIKE to quickly glean actionable insights, enhancing your enterprise's agility and responsiveness to market dynamics.

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Transparent Source Attribution

SIKE distinguishes itself with a unique feature that enhances transparency in AI interactions: the ability to trace the sources of your responses. When SIKE generates an output, it also provides visibility into which documents or data the response was derived from. This level of transparency ensures that your enterprise can trust and verify the information provided, fostering a deeper understanding and confidence in the AI-generated insights.

Dynamic Cost Assessment

Understanding the costs associated with AI queries is crucial for businesses. SIKE offers an advanced feature to track and display the cost of each query. Given the nature of the RAG model, costs can vary depending on the complexity and depth of the query. SIKE provides a detailed breakdown, enabling businesses to monitor and manage their AI-related expenses effectively. Additionally, SIKE allows for the assessment of total costs per user, a critical tool for resource allocation and budgeting in your enterprise.


Blockchain-Enhanced Data Security

SIKE integrates blockchain technology, leveraging our expertise in Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Proofs, to bring an added layer of security to AI interactions. This technology enables us to create microsignatures that validate data inputs or outputs without revealing the underlying data. Picture a system where data verification occurs through simple True/False validations, ensuring data integrity while maintaining confidentiality. This feature is particularly vital in scenarios where businesses require proof of data authenticity and integrity in their AI interactions.

Efficient Query Reference and Reuse

Recognizing the dynamic nature of business inquiries, SIKE includes a feature that allows users to save and revisit their query threads. This capability ensures that valuable searches and insights are not lost but can be easily accessed for future reference or repurposed for other research needs, significantly enhancing efficiency and continuity in your enterprise's decision-making process.

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Customisation, Control and Personalisation

SIKE goes beyond conventional AI platforms by offering personalised profiles, complete with custom avatars, to enrich the user experience. More than a visual enhancement, these profiles are integrated into a sophisticated permissioning system. Users are invited to specific virtual rooms based on their roles, ensuring controlled access to information and functionalities in line with their responsibilities and clearance levels. This feature not only personalises the user experience but also upholds stringent access controls, aligning with the security-first philosophy that underpins all aspects of SIKE.

Industry Use Cases


  • Increased Personalisation: Leveraging AI to analyse customer data and behaviour, enabling tailored financial products and services.

  • Risk Management: Utilising AI to assess and mitigate financial risks, ensuring better capital allocation and safeguarding against market volatility.

  • Fraud Detection: Leveraging machine learning to identify fraudulent activities swiftly and accurately, enhancing the security of financial transactions.


  • Predictive Analytics: Employing AI for early detection and prediction of disease outbreaks, facilitating timely interventions.

  • Remote Monitoring: Utilising AI to enable remote continuous monitoring of patients ensuring timely interventions and reducing the need for frequent hospital visits.

  • Operational Efficiency: Optimising hospital operations through AI-powered scheduling and resource allocation, improving patient care and reducing wait times.


  • Public Safety: Leveraging AI for predictive policing and emergency response, enhancing community safety and crisis management.

  • Resource Optimisation: Utilising AI to streamline government operations, ensuring efficient use of public resources.

  • Policy Analysis: Employing machine learning to analyse policy impact and public sentiment, aiding in informed policy-making.


  • Customer Insights: Leveraging AI to glean actionable insights from customer data, enabling personalized marketing strategies.

  • Operational Scalability: Utilising AI to automate routine tasks, allowing startups to scale operations efficiently as they grow.

  • Product Development: Employing machine learning to accelerate product development cycles, ensuring quicker market entry and competitiveness.

The SIKE Advantage

Let's Get Started!

The SIKE journey commences with a short onboarding period, aimed at identifying the key areas where AI can substantially benefit your enterprise. This phase is dedicated to providing tailored guidance on the optimal use of LLM (Large Language Model) libraries, setting a solid foundation for your venture into AI-enhanced operations with SIKE.

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Questions? Reach Out!

Need more information or have questions? Feel free to reach out to us at We're here to help!

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