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Stone & Chalk

NotCentralised brought the Aus DeFi Association into partnership with Stone & Chalk to create the Web3 Innovation Centre.

NotCentralised helped broker the deal that saw Australia’s largest innovation community, Stone & Chalk, partner with the Aus DeFi Association to create Australia’s first Web3 Innovation Centre. The innovation centre will be led by the Australian DeFi Association and will connect Aussie Web3 startup founders with key members from the public and private sector to unlock growth in the emerging ecosystem in Australia.

This was a natural next step for both Stone & Chalk and Aus DeFi to build upon the strong web3 community grown so far. In this new centre, NotCentralised will offer the following services to residents: 

  • Web3 business design and development

  • Advice on smart contracts

  • Tokenomics and DAO governance

  • Community building

  • Software and development, dApp development

  • Capital Advisory (business roadmap reviews and associated funding needs, crypto-friendly institutional investor relationships, non-banks, crypto funds, and governance structures)

More details here from the Stone & Chalk media release:

As well as from this Chainsaw article:

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