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Layer-C is a blockchain compliance protocol built to help users, developers and regulators put more trust in blockchain.

NotCentralised stood up the Layer-C protocol which aims to bridget the gap between the revolutionary power of web3 and blockchain protocol and the increasing burden of regulatory compliance that is becoming a critical aspect of these projects.

NotCentralised built the intitial smart contracts that will be made available to a wider ​Layer-C user base and has also used these tools in another venture studio project, TradeFlows.

Layer-C offers global composability with localised compliance, which allows for regulatory compliance on a single jurisdictional basis, while enabling global composability, is a smart solution to the current challenges faced by developers. It means that developers can build applications and smart contracts that comply with local regulations, without having to worry about global compliance standards or the need to navigate the legal and technical complexities of issuing tokens. Developers get to focus on what they do best.

NotCentralised will continue to developer the Layer-C and put it to use for clients where their existing project needs this service or for clients who are embarking on a new token project and are looking to do so in a compliant manner. This is a valuable service that can help developers navigate the legal and technical complexities of issuing tokens. 

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