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Canvas to Token

We helped Provvy, an indigenous NFT marketplace, showcase Brisbane artwork in our Sydney studios.

NotCentralised worked with the NFT marketplace Provvy (created by indigenous entrepreneur, Alisha Geary) and Samsung and filmed the creation of indigenous NFTs with artists at Birrunga Gallery in Brisbane and then displayed these at the Mercari Market site back in Sydney with intro to NFTs event and the NFTs themselves displayed on Samsung TVs around the studio.

We flew up to Brisbane to film the artworks, meet the artists and interview them and then digitsed those canvases so that we could display those digitally on our large 8-metre screen at the Mercari studios (also a Samsung) with additional 65 inch Samsungs aruodn the studio. This involved days of planning and filming and culminated in a showcase at the Sydney studios.

Depending on the NFT, the holder receives videos of the artwork being created, an interview of the artist and gallery curators and more.

You can see highlights of the event here: Canvas to Token Promo Video

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