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Big project or small, we have the resources to launch it... We will get there together

We are an active community with big goals. Our skills range from coding to marketing to trading to farming and everything in between... we want to change it all. As long as you believe in collaboration and transparency our community is your home.

Aus DeFi Association

NotCentralised created and is still growing the Australian DeFi Association with its online community (Twitter, Discord) and its various meetup events, conference and media appearances and the Aus DeFi podcast. With new partnerships forming each day across the web3 and web2 communities, industry and government, Aus DeFi is here for the community.

ADA Meetup June 29th.jfif
Canvas To Token2.jpg

Canvas to Token

NonCentralised worked with the NFT marketplace Provvy and Samsung and filmed the creation of indigenous NFTs with artists at Birrunga Gallery in Brisbane and then displayed these at the Mercari Market site back in Sydney with intro to NFTs event and the NFTs themselves displayed on Samsung TVs around the studio.


Founded by 2 NotCentralised members (Arturo and Mark), TradeFlows is a decentralised commerce platform combining the best of DeFi and GameFi to solve transaction inefficiencies in web2 and web3. This smart contracts in this protocol are built using the Layer 2 solution, StarkNet.

ausbiz TradeFlows.jpg
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