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CryptoLulu: A Stellar Example of Blockchain Integration in Hospitality

Revolutionising Hospitality with Blockchain

In a pioneering collaboration, NotCentralised joined forces with the renowned Bar Lulu / LunaLu Restaurant at The Rocks, Sydney, aiming to revolutionise their customer experience by harnessing the immense potential of blockchain and other emerging technologies. Inspired by a vision to create an innovative NFT membership club, Bar Lulu embarked on a groundbreaking journey to enrich its customer offerings and carve a niche in the burgeoning web3 community.


CryptoLulu aspired to reshape the face of hospitality by integrating cutting-edge technologies, such as blockchain, into their traditional business model. With the ambition to craft an unparalleled NFT membership club, they sought to weave the intriguing synergy of web3 and hospitality, while also infusing QR codes into NFTs to bridge the gap between the on-chain users and their off-chain identities recognised by the bar/restaurant reservation system.

Innovative Strategies

NotCentralised unleashed a comprehensive strategy to bring CryptoLulu's vision to life. This involved an in-depth exploration of blockchain-based NFT membership models and the potential of AI within the Web3 ecosystem. Faced with the challenge of creating unique NFTs, NotCentralised weighed options between using existing NFT minting services or adopting a batch minting approach.

Seamless Execution

In close coordination with Bar Lulu's team, NotCentralised crafted the first batch of NFT artworks, capturing the spirit of the restaurant's Asian-fusion theme. These one-of-a-kind NFTs featured embedded QR codes, enabling purchases on platforms like OpenSea and facilitating registration on the client's CRM through a designated website, made possible by meticulous custom coding.

Despite the downturn in crypto and NFT markets impacting the initial sales, NotCentralised leveraged Bar Lulu's exceptional venue to maintain project momentum and deepen CryptoLulu's ties with the web3 scene. This was accomplished by promoting the venue among web3 groups, and by transitioning the Aus DeFi Association podcast to CryptoLulu, fostering insightful discussions on AI and Web3 intersectionality with the Data Science and AI Association of Australia (DSAI).

Trailblazing Results

The initiative culminated in the successful launch of CryptoLulu's NFT membership club, offering an unmatched, exclusive experience for members. CryptoLulu's name is now becoming synonymous with web3 events in Sydney, hosting various organisations like Blockchain Australia, Blockdaemon, Bitget, Chainalysis, CultureVault, Telstra Ventures and more. With a novel new podcast being filmed weekly at the venue, CryptoLulu continues to ride the wave of emerging technology exposure.

Impacting a New Age in Hospitality

CryptoLulu has made a significant stride in harnessing emerging technologies to create an unmatched offering in the hospitality sector. This innovative endeavour has positioned them at the forefront of the NFT and Web3 revolution, escalating their brand image and customer engagement to unparalleled heights.

Join the Revolution

Keen to undertake a similar transformation or curious about our work in championing groundbreaking projects in emerging technologies? Reach out to NotCentralised and become part of the innovative revolution that's reshaping industries.

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