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Our Team

Empowering digital innovation through expert collaboration

Our team comprises seasoned professionals whose collective experience traverses finance, technology, and startups. Introducing our directors below, each a luminary in fields such as derivatives, quantitative research, financial services, capital markets, investment management, data analytics, and technology. As the driving force of NotCentralised, they leverage their diverse skills to usher businesses into a digitised future. Together, we're not just navigating the waves of decentralisation and innovation, we're leading the charge.
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Arturo Rodriguez

Our technology Lead, Arturo, brings to NotCentralised a wealth of knowledge from the financial industry, startup ecosystem, and advanced tech development. His diverse background in derivatives, quantitative research, and co-founding various tech startups demonstrates his versatility and adaptability. His hands-on involvement in building a Web3 gaming guild and founding the Aus DeFi Association and TradeFlows protocol, positions him at the vanguard of technological innovation. With Arturo at the helm, NotCentralised offers expertise and insights that are essential in shaping your business's digital transformation journey.


Nick Bishop

Nick, our financial guru, has spent over 25 years at the helm of financial leadership. His vast experience in capital markets, investment management, advisory, and fundraising on both Web3 and Web2 platforms offers invaluable insights into how finance and technology intersect. As a co-founder of Bishop & Fang Capital Advisory (which merged with NotCentralised) and a founding member of the Aus DeFi Association, Nick is instrumental in assisting startups to secure crucial funding and provide them with a better understanding of the dynamic venture capital environment. Partner with NotCentralised to leverage Nick's extensive network and industry connections.


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Mark Monfort

Mark is our operations maestro and in-house strategist, he brings an impressive combination of macroeconomic, equity research, data analytics, and technology expertise to NotCentralised with decade-long experience in data analytics and his foundational role in startups and investment banking gives him a unique perspective on strategising for business efficiency. Mark's contribution to the creation of the Aus DeFi Association, TradeFlows and ETFtracker proves his ability to innovate and implement game-changing technology in the financial sphere. With Mark at your side, you can navigate your business's digital transformation with a sound strategy backed by data science and a community of support.


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