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Our Team

Harnessing decades of experience to build a better future 

Our team is made up of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in finance, technology, and startups. Meet our founders, Arturo, Nick, and Mark, who bring valuable expertise and experience in derivatives, quantitative research, financial services, capital markets, investment management, data analytics, and technology to our platform. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of decentralization in finance and driving innovation in the industry.

Nathalie Mann

Meet Nathalie, an experienced healthcare professional and entrepreneur with a strong background in international public health, epidemiology, and infectious disease control. Nathalie Mann is a co-founder of multiple innovative startups in the healthcare and technology industries. She has also served as the Chief Technology Officer of a geospatial data provider, leveraging her expertise in data management and analytics. Nathalie has demonstrated her commitment to improving healthcare outcomes globally through her various board memberships, where she provides strategic guidance and supports programs that promote inclusivity and diversity.


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Mark Monfort

Meet Mark, a professional with a background in macroeconomic and equity research, data analytics, and technology. He has worked at startups and a European investment bank in the field of macroeconomic and equity research, with over 10 years of experience in data analytics and technology. Mark is also the creator of ETFtracker, an ETF analysis tool. He also has experience working on data analytics at the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and served as the Head of Data Analytics and Technology at Prosperity Advisers, a mid-tier accounting firm. As a co-founder of the Aus DeFi Association and the TradeFlows protocol, Mark brings valuable expertise in the financial and technology industries.


Nick Bishop

Meet Nick, a financial veteran with over 25 years of industry experience. He has held leadership roles at Aberdeen Asset Management and Gresham Partners, where he served as Head of Australian Fixed Income and Managing Director, respectively. Nick also co-founded Bishop & Fang Capital Advisory, a firm that offered financial advisory services to government and private sector clients. He brings a wealth of expertise in financial services, capital markets, investment management, and advisory, and has also been involved in capital raises on both Web3 and Web2 platforms. As a founding member of the Aus DeFi Association, Nick is a valuable asset in the financial industry.


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Arturo Rodriguez

Meet Arturo, a financial expert with a wealth of experience in derivatives, quantitative research, and startup entrepreneurship. He has held positions at global investment banks, co-founded a macroeconomic research startup, served as CTO for a geospatial data and ESG insights provider, and worked as a lead architect for a Web3 gaming guild. He also has experience with live automated trading, vessel tracking, macroeconomic analytics and healthcare industry. As a co-founder of the Aus DeFi Association and the TradeFlows protocol, Arturo brings valuable expertise to the financial and startup industries.


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