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Showcase of various analytics applications we've built and more details on our data capabilities 

We are an active community with big goals. Our skills range from coding to marketing to trading to farming and everything in between... we want to change it all. As long as you believe in collaboration and transparency our community is your home.

This application allows the user to compare Ethereum (ETH/USD) and Bitcoin (BTC/USD) versus a sample of various technology related equities, Dow Jones constituents and a select set of ETFs. The user can compare correlations over time and also access the rolling correlations analysis page to see how correlations have held up over time (as well as being able to change the lookback period). We will add other forms of analysis to this over time. This is meant to flag patterns of correlation and see how strong or weak it is getting. Data is updated weekly.


NC - CryptoTracker.gif

This application sources various Australian public statistics from sources (like the ABS, RBA, etc) and presents the raw data in an interactive and visual format. This can be used to spot trends and patterns in different industries across metrics like GDP, CPI, Unemployment, Housing and more. Data is updated based on whenever relevant datasets are available from the statistics/data providers.


NC - MacroTracker.gif

SUPERtracker sources data from APRA (Australian Prudentital Regulation Authority) on superannuation statistics and presents this in an interactive and easily explorable way. This ranges across metrics like overall fund proviles, performance, flows, asset allocation, demographic data and more. Users can also select individual funds to get a snapshot of performance. This data is updated annually in December but we are looking to add other data to the tool that is more frequent so stay tuned. 



NC - SuperTracker.gif

ETFtracker sources data from the exchanges (ASX and CBOE) on Exchange Traded Fund data as well as holdings data from various ETF issuers in Australia. This is used to present interactive visualisations that allow users to explore trends in the ETF markets across a range of measures from performance to fund inflows, transactions and trading and more. This data has been used to provide analysis on Ausbiz and is updated each month. 


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