About Us

Built from the community to build for the community

NotCentralised is a venture studio that helps turn ideas into successful projects and we bring a set of resources that we can bundle together to help you attract the capital you need in this fast paced world of web3. 

We came together from the web3 community and we all remain strong proponents of the community, giving our time back to places like the Australian DeFi Association and more.

We offer a variety of resources but the most valuable is that which money cannot buy given the collective experiences of the expertise we bundle together for our clients.

We have the history and experience of raising capital in the web2 and web3 space and we  are thought leaders in the area of tokenomics. This means we can guide you so as to best design your protocol, DAO or web3 project so that it avoids the pitfalls we’ve seen with others.

We have growing relationships with the right folks in media and we have access to facilities to ensure that we get your your story out in the right way.

We are somebody you want in your corner. We can help you think through the ups and downs as you build your vision and get from 0 to 100.

We are NotCentralised.