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About Us

NotCentralised is an emerging technology venture studio and advisory firm dedicated to fostering a more equitable, inclusive, and innovative digital future. With a commitment to decentralisation and innovation, we leverage our extensive industry knowledge to serve businesses and projects around the globe. But we're more than a provider of services. We're pioneers, explorers, and community builders. Here's why we do what we do:


We believe in the power of technology to drive significant change. Our work is focused on creating high-impact solutions that can transform industries, redefine standards, and foster meaningful progress. By working closely with our clients and partners, we aim to ensure that our projects don't just bring success in the traditional sense, but also create a positive impact on societies, economies, and the environment. Our commitment to impact is central to everything we do, from our advisory services to our project execution.


Innovation is at the heart of NotCentralised. We thrive on challenging conventional wisdom, pushing boundaries, and navigating the complexities of emerging technologies. Our team combines extensive industry knowledge with strategic foresight, helping clients effectively harness technologies like blockchain, data, and artificial intelligence. With our dedication to ingenuity, we're constantly pushing ourselves and our clients to explore the unexplored, build the unimaginable, and achieve the unprecedented.


At NotCentralised, we recognise that the path to a decentralised future cannot be walked alone. It requires a collective effort, a shared vision, and active collaboration. That's why we place immense value on nurturing strong communities. We actively engage with a wide network of investors, partners, and innovators to foster an environment of mutual learning, collaboration, and growth. Our initiatives, like the creation of the Aus DeFi Association and our work as leaders at DSAI (Data Science and AI Association of AUstralia), coupled with our parntership with Stone & Chalk to create the Web3 Innovation Centre, are testament to our commitment to community building.

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